Let's Arise & Transform
Africa's Economy
Africa can be great, Africa is blessed with human resources and all it takes to develop.
We must stop looking to America, Europe or China to develop Africa.
We must take up the responsibility to build the Africa of our dream.
Millions of
Tech Startups Across Africa
The Amazons and Microsofts of today all started as small businesses.
If we raise millions of digitally driven micro businesses today,
in the next ten years, some would have grown to successful businesses,
providing employment to our youths and helping develop our economy.
The Digital Africa
Bootcamp 2020
A 2 months virtual business engagement;
featuring training workshops,
brain-storming sessions, business networking,
interactions with business executives and founders
and lots more.
Let's use this system that has worked across Africa

The sharing economies of Africa (“saqiya”, “acequias”, “imu oru”, “merry-go-rounds”) have existed for centuries and have benefited the people greatly. 

” …the Igbo apprenticeship system that governs Alaba International Market is the largest business incubator platform in the world”  – Robert Neuwirth

Experience this in the digital world, attend the Digital Africa Bootcamp.


Join Entrepreneurs Interactive Session Saturdays 4 – 5 pm WAT

Zoom ID: 729 758 4814 Password: @digital

What's In The Bootcamp For You

Access to Captial

Get introduced to various funding options and institutions to raise capital for your new or existing business or project.


Opportunity to build your dream business under the mentor-ship of top-notch mentors who have passed where you are now.

SEED Grant

Win SEED foundation grant of $1000. This is for the top outstanding participants with disruptive business ideas and passion.


Share your ideas with top professionals and experienced entrepreneurs from different industries and get inputs that can turn your ideas around.

Confirmed Facilitators & Panelists

Rev (Dr) Charles Ugo

Organizational development/leadership practitioner

Philippa Rose-Tite

Managing Director at Purple Raindrop, South Africa.

Daniel Egwuonwu

Corporate & Investment Banker. Actively involved in Fintech development

Joanna Steele

Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategy Consultant & Trainer

Edem Banibah

ICT Business Professional/ Value Equation Certified Practitioner.

Simeon Ononobi

Co-Founder/CEO, ThankUCash, Founder Simplepay, Ltd, Nigeria

Barr Clement Erohubie

Legal practitioner. Partner, Mirror Attorney, Abuja.

Obinna Okoro

Founder - Heitz Capital Partners Ltd. A serial entrepreneur and e-commerce enthusiast.

J.C Ayoka

Digital business transformation & project management consultant.

Obichimendum Awunor

Practice Manager @ PWellness, Washington DC. Information Systems Expert.

Michael Duru

Chairman/CEO Medici Renaissance Int’l ltd. Fintech and digital banking enthusiast

Obinnaya Uruakpa

Founder/CEO, GRIL. Entrepreneurship Development Coach.

Dr Chidimma Anyanwu

Development and Leadership Expert

Anthony Ubagu

IT Expert and Ideation Specialist

Charles Emembolu

Co-founder Roar Nigeria, Co-founder TechQuest, CEO Crestsage Ltd | Lagos.

Africa can be Great!

Yes! Africa can be great again.

If only we can have mind-set shift;

If only we can change from wealth sharing mind-set to wealth creation mind-set;

If only we can unlock opportunities in our land with available digital technologies.

If only we can rethink our businesses and positions as platforms to create value and not just to enrich our pockets.

Africa will be great again and our lives and those of our unborn children will be better for it.


Building entrepreneurs for the digital economy.


Empowering 1000 young Africans to build their digitally driven business. This is aimed at helping create jobs for the youths, expand the digital space and develop the economy of Africa. As an experienced entrepreneur or industry expert you can volunteer as a mentor to these budding digital entrepreneurs